Aisha Zeijpveld’s wonderful digitally altered fashion images

by zenzaura

It has happened. The day I thought would never arrive. The day in which I can say that I like the following fashion photos. I cannot wait to share with you the work of Zeijpveld, who with a name like that, would score highly on a scrabble board.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while now, will remember, probably with some loathing, that I tend not to share the work of fashion photographers, simply because it does nothing for me and I don’t understand what is going on most of the time inside the frame. But this is different, she has made it interesting by manipulating the images in a way that makes you question what is going on and how she managed to pull off such a feat. The images all fall under the portrait category with many of the shots incorporating texture or props into them.

SO quirky are the images that you find yourself smiling as you look at them. They are clever, they are sharp and very well put together; and it is just so refreshing to see work like this in my opinion. The images force you to take a second look and dissect them.

The images are made with the intent to play with the boundary between the dream world and reality, as they say with the perfect lie, the ones that are most successful are the ones with the biggest element of truth in it; and so it goes with these photos. You just don’t know where the boundary lies between the fabricated and the real. I think what also adds to the images is the feeling of not knowing what you’re going to see next, there is an anticipation and excitement that comes with viewing them.

I would hazard a guess that the way the images are created is through a lot of time consuming layering. Taking one shot and then changing it ever so slightly and re-shooting. Having then gotten the shots it would be over a computer and photoshop, then splice what you want together, all the while being careful to make sure lines and borders meet.

For more of her superb work head to her website: